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PieDAO Community Blog Oct 23rd. Doughmocracy | by Will Brealey | PieDAO | Oct, 2020

Oven is our attempt to reduce the friction to minting new pies by lowering the gas cost. With Oven users can pool their...

Aurus Disrupts the Gold Industry — Today Its Ecosystem Lists at a Value of $75m | Bitcoin News | by Aurus | Aurus Blog...

With the US dollar facing headwinds, notably the coronavirus pandemic and an upcoming presidential election that could be among the most contentious in...

WhiteBIT Exchange Lists AurusGOLD — New AWG:USD Trading Pair Available | by Aurus | Aurus Blog | Sep, 2020

About AurusGOLD (AWG)Aurus is an inclusive ecosystem that the entire traditional gold industry can benefit from. The company’s open-end protocol enables esteemed gold...

Aurus: making gold as easy as money | by Aurus | Aurus Blog

When money is spoken of as being as old as human civilisation, we’re really talking about gold. Ever since man discovered gold, it...

Game Changer: AurusGOLD Creates Token TRULY Tied To Gold — Making Gold Instantly Transmittable & Spendable! | by Aurus | Aurus Blog

There’s never been such a powerful combination of trust backing an asset like this before: The 5000+ year history of gold and it’s...

Towards a global currency | Africa Blockchain Media | by Aurus | Aurus Blog

Across many lands, central banks are exploring or studying the feasibility of launching central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). It has dawned on many...

Gold-backed Cryptocurrency As The Panacea To Global Currency Volatility — What’s New? | by Aurus | Aurus Blog

Our forebears were not entirely wrong- their instincts were on point when they introduced Gold and silver as a universally accepted choice of...

Understanding The ADX Loyalty Pool and Elastic Issuance | by Ivan Manchev | The AdEx Blog | Oct, 2020

Recently we announced the release of the AdEx Loyalty staking pool. It uses a Chainlink-powered ADX-USD price oracle for a novel DeFi concept...

Aergo Token Metrics Update. In this AERGO token metrics update, we… | by Han Kim | Aergo blog | Oct, 2020

In this AERGO token metrics update, we explain where the majority of Aergo Tokens were recently released. This includes an insight into the...

Aergo Lists on Binance Exchange. We decided to kick off a little… | by Han Kim | Aergo blog | Oct, 2020

We decided to kick off a little surprise for Q4 — Surprise!Despite current events in the Aergo Ecosystem and beyond, the team has...

Community Blog Wed Oct 14th. The Pie Is Out The Oven | by Will Brealey | PieDAO | Oct, 2020

It’s been a busy week of baking at PieDAO.So what’s been cooking?DeFi+L launched successfully, providing easy exposure to a basket of the largest...

Subscribe for AdEx Staking Newsletter and win 5×1,000 ADX | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Oct, 2020

We are giving away 5,000 ADX for new email subscribers for AdEx Staking NewsGood news just keep coming for AdEx supporters!We are giving...

AdEx Goes to Mainnet with Chainlink Oracles Integration, Pioneers Elastic Issuance | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Oct, 2020

In August this year, we announced our upcoming integration with Chainlink for validator uptime verification and publisher staking. Both the AdEx and Chainlink...

The AdEx Staking Portal: What’s New | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Oct, 2020

Following our major token upgrade earlier this year, we announced a number of changes to the AdEx staking portal planned for Q3 of...

ADX Buyback Disclosure. Between May 01, 2020 and October 05… | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Oct, 2020

We have great news for ADX holders!Between May 01, 2020 and October 05, 2020, we bought back a total of approximately 6 million...

AMPL/USDC Smart Pool on Balancer. Bridging Floating Price and Stablecoins | by Brandon Iles | Ampleforth Blog | Oct, 2020

Bridging Floating Price and StablecoinsThe new AMPL/USDC smart pool jointly developed with Balancer removes most impermanent loss normally incurred by liquidity providers on...

Gasless Staking Is Here — Now You Can Stake ADX Without Paying Gas Fees | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Oct, 2020

Exciting news everyone! In the unsettling times of network congestions and insane fees, we are doing our best to make life easier for...

Win $6,000 in ADX on Loopring. Take part in Loopring’s liquidity… | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Oct, 2020

Good news for $ADX traders these days just keep coming! On September 23rd DeFi exchange Loopring announced ADX/USDT trading pair and on September...

How to stake ADX on Binance. Do you have ADX on Binance? Now you can… | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Oct,...

Do you have ADX on Binance? Now you can stake it and get 46.7% APY. Binance staking is useful for people holding ADX...

ADX Trading Competition on Binance, $60,000 in ADX to Be Won! | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Oct, 2020

Attention, traders, holders, Chads and devoted ADX fans! To celebrate our successful token upgrade on Binance, we teamed up with them to run...

How to manage several accounts on the AdEx Platform | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Oct, 2020

In this article we’ll show you how easy it is to manage different AdEx accounts from one main accountThe AdEx Platform is made...

Completion of AERGO smart contract migration | by Jae Nam | Aergo blog | Sep, 2020

Dear Aergo Community,AERGO tokens have been reissued 1:1 via a new smart contract, and automatically distributed to the holders of the previous token....

KuCoin Exchange Hack Update. Dear Aergo Community | by Jae Nam | Aergo blog | Sep, 2020

Dear Aergo CommunityOn September 26, 2020, a hacker breached the KuCoin exchange’s security systems and gained access to the private keys to their...

Elastic Finance – Lending. Ample: A Non-Dilutive Asset That… | by Brandon Iles | Ampleforth Blog | Sep, 2020

Ample: A Non-Dilutive Asset That Borrows Like A StablecoinThe Ampleforth Roadmap recently described AMPL as a monetary innovation and building block for the...

Staking ADX & DeFi: Everything You Need to Know | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Sep, 2020

ADX is the native token of AdEx Network, a decentralized advertising network with focus on privacy and ethical ads. The token is used...

The AdEx Staking Roadmap [Infographic] | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Aug, 2020

Scroll down for infographicIn late 2018, we announced the AdEx Registry — a system where validators can stake ADX against their performance and...

The AdEx Ad Tech Roadmap: What to Expect from Our Platform in 2020/21 [Updated] | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Aug, 2020

It is time for an updated roadmap for our platform, the ADX tokens and the AdEx Network ecosystem in general. Read on to...

Hedera Technical Insights:​ Maintaining a decentralized identity registry with Hedera | by Paul Madsen | Hedera Hashgraph Blog | Aug, 2020

https://www.hedera.com/blog/maintaining-a-decentralized-identity-registry-with-hederaVerifiable Credentials (VC) and Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) are two different but related identity standards progressing in the W3C — both of which allow...

ADX Token Upgrade: Time to Swap Your Tokens | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Aug, 2020

As you know from the original announcement, we are in the process of upgrading the ADX token to add staking incentives and DeFi...
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