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AERGO HUB closed beta version launched in S. Korea market only today – Aergo blog

AERGO HUB is an application PaaS that focuses on being as easy and agile as possible. To launch your application with microservice architecture,...

2021 Roadmap: AdEx V, New Adtech Features and More | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Jan, 2021

The past year has been amazing for AdEx and our community: we launched the Platform publicly, onboarded large advertisers and publishers, upgraded the...

Everyware and Hedera Hashgraph Enabling Cold Chain Monitoring of COVID-19 Vaccine for NHS Facilities | by Hedera Hashgraph Team | Hedera Hashgraph Blog |...

https://hedera.com/blog/everyware-and-hedera-hashgraph-enabling-cold-chain-monitoring-of-covid-19-vaccine-for-nhs-facilitiesAsset Monitoring Provider using Hedera Consensus Service for Data IntegrityWarwickshire, United Kingdom, and Dallas, TX — January 19, 2020 — Digital asset tracking...

New Balancer Liquidity Pool Launched | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Jan, 2021

Earlier this week we made the decision to create a new liquidity pool on Balancer for AdEx and moved the majority of the...

Hedera21 Hackathon: Call for Developers to Build the Future of Asset Tokenization, Beginning January 19th, 2021 | by Hedera Hashgraph Team | Hedera Hashgraph...

A hackathon fully dedicated to building fast, fair and secure tokenization applications that take full advantage of the newly released Hedera Token Service.https://hedera.com/blog/hedera21-hackathon-call-for-developers-to-build-the-future-of-asset-tokenization-beginning-january-19th-2021What:...

AdEx in Numbers: December 2020. It is time for our December… | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Jan, 2021

In December, we concluded AdEx farming; we ended up distributing approximately 5,000,000 ADX in faming rewards, and close to 200 people participated in...

Where AurusGold fits in the world of asset-backed tokens | by Aurus | Aurus Blog

The term, asset-backed token (ABT) speaks for itself, it’s where the storage, value, and management of an asset is transferred and represented by...

Leading Supply Chain Company AVC Global Selects Hedera Hashgraph as DLT Platform | by Hedera Hashgraph Team | Hedera Hashgraph Blog | Jan, 2021

https://hedera.com/blog/leading-supply-chain-company-avc-global-selects-hedera-hashgraph-as-dlt-platformHedera Consensus Service Will Be Integrated with AVC Global and its Subsidiary MVC’s Track-and-Trace Platform for Pharmaceutical Supply Chain ComplianceWashington DC, and Dallas,...

Hyland and Hedera Hashgraph Present Blockchain Proof of Concept for Records Verification to Texas Secretary of State | by Hedera Hashgraph Team | Hedera...

https://hedera.com/blog/hyland-and-hedera-hashgraph-present-blockchain-proof-of-concept-for-records-verification-to-texas-secretary-of-stateAustin, TX — DATE — Hyland, a leading content services provider for organizations across the globe, and Hedera Hashgraph, the enterprise-grade public ledger,...

What happened to network fees?! Understanding how Ethereum gas works | by Ivan Manchev | The AdEx Blog | Jan, 2021

Some of the most common questions we’ve been receiving in the first days of 2021 are ”Why is it so expensive to withdraw...

AMA with AdEx’s CEO | Part 3 — The Ethereum Ecosystem | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Jan, 2021

In November our CEO Ivo Georgiev was invited by Chainnode, a respeced cryptocurrency media, to participate in an AMA session with their Chinese...

ADX Farming and Staking periods extended | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Jan, 2021

Incentivized staking and liquidity provision were both very successful initiatives for AdEx Network in 2020. We encouraged our community to use ADX, provide...

AMA with AdEx’s CEO | Part 2 — AdEx Staking and DeFi | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Jan, 2021

In November our CEO Ivo Georgiev was invited by Chainnode, a respeced cryptocurrency media, to participate in an AMA session with their Chinese...

How to Run Mobile Ads Using AdEx Network | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Jan, 2021

If you are working hard on your mobile app, perhaps you want to monetize it and one of the ways to do so...

PieDAO Community Blog Jan 8th. PieVaults, BCP, Onsen, and Much More! | by Will Brealey | PieDAO | Jan, 2021

This week we’re celebrating two key PieDAO community members who have stepped up and lead, spreading the word and helping new users get...

Hedera Hashgraph and TRM Labs’ New Integration Provides Industry Leading Security and Compliance | by Hedera Hashgraph Team | Hedera Hashgraph Blog | Dec,...

AML/CFT Compliance Solutions Now Available for HBAR and Any Assets Issued on Hederahttps://hedera.com/blog/hedera-hashgraph-and-trm-labs-new-integration-provides-industry-leading-security-and-complianceSan Francisco, CA and Dallas, TX — December 21, 2020 —...

E&I Awards Safe Health Systems, Inc. with Contract to Offer COVID-19 and STD Digital Testing, Powered by Hedera, to its Member Institutions | by...

E&I Cooperative Services offers SAFE HealthCheck™ to its membership of over 5,000 U.S. educational institutionshttps://hedera.com/blog/e-i-awards-safe-health-systems-inc-with-contract-to-offer-covid-19-and-std-digital-testing-powered-by-hedera-to-its-member-institutionsDallas, TX — December 15, 2020 — E&I Cooperative...

Dentons Becomes Newest Member of Hedera Governing Council | by Hedera Hashgraph Team | Hedera Hashgraph Blog | Dec, 2020

https://hedera.com/blog/dentons-becomes-newest-member-of-hedera-governing-councilDentons aims to leverage Council membership to build expertise in DLT, while exploring use cases for Hedera Hashgraph in asset tokenization, fund raising...

AMA with AdEx’s CEO | Part 1 — The AdEx Platform | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Dec, 2020

In November our CEO Ivo Georgiev was invited by Chainnode, a respeced cryptocurrency media, to participate in an AMA session with their Chinese...

AdEx in Numbers: November 2020. In the spirit of transparency, we are… | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Dec, 2020

At AdEx Network, we work (and live) by a certain set of values, and one of them is transparency. In the spirit of...

How to Farm ADX: A Step-by-Step Tutorial | by AdEx | The AdEx Blog | Dec, 2020

Earlier this week we announced AdEx farming: a great way to earn ADX rewards while providing liquidity on Uniswap and Balancer. Here’s how...

DLA Piper Launches New TOKO Security Tokenization Platform on Hedera Hashgraph, Hyperledger Fabric, and Microsoft Azure | by Hedera Hashgraph Team | Hedera Hashgraph...

The first project tokenized on the platform is fine art asset by Chinese artist Wang Xiao BoHedera HashgraphHong Kong — November 24, 2020...

Safe Health Systems Launches HealthCheck Platform Assisting Arizona State University in Fight Against Spread of COVID-19 | by Hedera Hashgraph Team | Hedera Hashgraph...

New platform provides immediate assessment and triage of COVID-19 riskHedera HashgraphLos Angeles (Nov. 19, 2020) — Safe Health Systems (SHS) has unveiled HealthCheck,...

Hala Systems Leverages Hedera Hashgraph to Deliver Early Warning of Conflict to 2.1 Million Syrians | by Hedera Hashgraph Team | Hedera Hashgraph Blog...

‘Sentry’ product utilizes the Hedera Consensus Service for data provenance; up to 30% reduction in casualties in Syria thus far with the early...

Hedera Hashgraph Chooses First Asia-Based Digital Asset Custody Provider | by Hedera Hashgraph Team | Hedera Hashgraph Blog | Oct, 2020

Hedera Hashgraph Hedera Hashgraph, an enterprise-grade distributed ledger platform, has partnered with digital asset custody provider, Onchain Custodian, to enhance the security of...

Safe Health Systems Builds Digital Health ID system on Hedera Hashgraph to Enable Home COVID-19 Testing on Your Mobile Phone | by Hedera Hashgraph...

Distributed ledger-based digital health and connected diagnostics platform for employee and student health checks crosses 1,000,000 records processesOver 200,000 active users manage COVID-19...

Q4 2020 distribution for SAFT Exchange Offer Participants | by Hedera Hashgraph Team | Hedera Hashgraph Blog

Hedera will distribute approximately 142 million coins during Q4 2020Hedera HashgraphEarly this year, Hedera provided a proposal to all existing SAFT holders, offering...

The Coupon Bureau and Hedera Hashgraph Move to Next Phase in Delivering Universal Digital Coupons | by Hedera Hashgraph Team | Hedera Hashgraph Blog

Universal Positive Offer File provides standardized, secure coupon distribution method for physical and online coupon use, meeting growing e-commerce demands: www.thecouponbureau.org/trustlayerHedera HashgraphDallas, TX...

Australian agri supply chain launches on Hedera Hashgraph | by Hedera Hashgraph Team | Hedera Hashgraph Blog

Hedera HashgraphEntrust, Australia’s first full-service agricultural supply chain platform, has announced it will operate on Hedera Hashgraph, the enterprise-grade distributed ledger.Entrust was launched...

One Year After Open Access, Hedera Now Processes 1.5 Million Transactions Per Day, Surpassing Ethereum | by Hedera Hashgraph Team | Hedera Hashgraph Blog

Hedera HashgraphUse Cases in Advertising, Healthcare and Pharma and More Driving Average of 750K Daily Transactions Over the Past Year and 1.5M Daily...
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