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Clever Aave to Matic bridge keeps track of yields

The first Aave-friendly Ethereum to Matic bridge has opened for business, allowing users to port Aave’s interest-bearing aTokens back and forth between the DeFi...

Poolin rolls out ‘hash rate token’ to bridge bitcoin mining and DeFi

Poolin, the second-largest bitcoin mining pool, has launched an ERC-20 token backed by its bitcoin hash rate capacity in an effort to bridge...

Partnership, Interoperability and Neutral Bridge Currencies: Key to CBDC Success

The year ahead promises continued acceleration in crypto innovation. Within this, the evolution of Central Bank Digital...

Sifchain Announces Peggy, Cosmos — Ethereum Cross Chain Bridge | by Sif | Jan, 2021

Sifchain is proud to announce that it has successfully deployed a Peggy (Cosmos <> Ethereum bridge) on its Monkey Bars testnet. Sifchain is...

Cardano takes ‘preliminary’ steps towards building a bridge with Litecoin

Cardano has been working on developing and expanding its ecosystem for a long time now, with the community focusing on bridging the gaps...

Road to the Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge | by Ava Labs | Avalanche | Dec, 2020

The Avalanche X-Chain is the fastest chain within the Avalanche platform primarily used for creating and trading digital assets.To date, developers were the...

Road to the Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge

Continuing to improve the experience for all decentralized app users on Avalanche.Avalanche is showing no signs of slowing down. Next month, the Avalanche-Ethereum...

A Successful Ambrosus Swap. The Bridge Entered Retirement | by Ambrosus Media | Dec, 2020

Legal Disclaimer: Amber (AMB) is a utility token within AMB-NET. AMB is not a financial instrument and should not be considered as such....

A Successful Ambrosus Swap. The Bridge Entered Retirement | by Ambrosus Media | Dec, 2020

Legal Disclaimer: Amber (AMB) is a utility token within AMB-NET. AMB is not a financial instrument and should not be considered as such....

Nervos launches Ethereum bridge it says devs can use right out of the box

Chinese public blockchain project Nervos has announced the launch of a cross-chain bridge between it and Ethereum.The launch of Nervos’ Force Bridge was...

‘Secret’ bridge turns ERC-20 tokens into privacy coins

An open-source blockchain protocol called the Secret Network is now offering privacy features for the Ethereum blockchain and 14 ERC-20 tokens.According to a...

The Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge: What You Need to Know | by Ava Labs | Ava Labs | Nov, 2020

Liquidity begets liquidity. Over the last few quarters, our team developed multiple initiatives to not only optimize the experience for developers building decentralized...

Celo taps Chorus One to build a bridge with Cosmos, paving the way for others

Celo has awarded a grant to staking service provider Chorus One to build a bridge facilitating interoperability between the Cosmos and Celo networks.The proof-based...

Payments-focused cryptocurrency Dash now has a bridge to DeFi

Dash (DASH) holders will soon be able to access a wide range of decentralized finance, or DeFi, services through a collaboration with StakeHound.According to...

Boringdao Raises $1.4M: Project’s Tokenized BTC Bridge Backed by 200% Collateral

There’s a new tokenized bitcoin project coming to the decentralized finance (defi) ecosystem that’s recently received $1.4 million from blockchain investors. The...

Solana launches ‘Wormhole’, a cross-chain Ethereum bridge

Solana, which offers scalable solutions to decentralized applications, today announced the launch of its cross-chain bridge, dubbed Wormhole, which connects ETH and ERC-20...

Solana unveils Wormhole, a bidirectional cross-chain bridge to Ethereum

Solana, the Ethereum challenger and home to Serum, FTX’s new decentralized exchange, has unveiled a cross-chain bridge that will allow users to turn...

Solana set to launch decentralized Ethereum bridge to power DeFi

Solana, the smart contract platform that recently entered the spotlight thanks to FTX’s Serum, announced the upcoming release of what it says is...

tBTC relaunches, renewing effort to create a trustless Bitcoin-to-Ethereum bridge

tBTC, an open-sourced project from Keep, Summa, and the Cross-Chain Group, relaunched on Monday after a paused launch in May. tBTC allows a 1-to-1...

Bridge Oracle IEO Launches with Bitcoin.com Co-Founder Mate Tokay as Advisor

8th September, 2020, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Bridge Oracle may very well be on the cusp of achieving the holy grail of...

Polkadot Will Soon Tap Ethereum’s Billions Thanks to New Interoperable Bridge

Key Takeaways The bridge will enable any sort of asset – loans, futures, options, etc – to be sent back and forth between the...

A new Polkadot to Ethereum bridge could enable cross-chain DeFi composability

A new project building on Polkadot wants to create a comprehensive bridge with Ethereum that would eventually relay direct smart contract instructions.The bridge is...

Flare proposes new bridge to allow XRP to be used on Ethereum

On Aug 26, Ripple (XRP) partner Flare Networks revealed details of a proposed new bridge connecting XRP with the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Ripple’s CEO...

An overview of NEAR protocol’s Ethereum bridge

Quick Take NEAR is a sharded blockchain project, which recently raised $21.6 million in a token sale led by a16z crypto and sold nearly...

Bridge: Connecting blockchain-based applications to the masses | by ICX_Station | Hello ICON World | Aug, 2020

ICX Station is proud to announce Bridge, our latest incubator project focused on growing the addressable market for blockchain-based applications. With Block42 and PARROT9...

Binance to Switch BUSD Throughout Blockchains on Syscoin-Ethereum Bridge

Main cryptocurrency change Binance plans to make use of a bridge between the Syscoin and Ethereum blockchains to maneuver its Binance USD (BUSD) stablecoin...

Custody Supplier Copper Joins Assume Tank to Bridge Hole Between Conventional Finance and Crypto

London-based crypto custodian Copper has joined the Digital Financial Institute (DMI) as a founding member to tell a variety of discussions on the...

Lipton: Stablecoins Can Bridge Central Banks and Shopper Funds

Alexander Lipton is the CTO of Sila, a visiting professor and Dean’s Fellow on the Jerusalem Enterprise Faculty of the Hebrew College of...

Non-Custodial Bitcoin to Ethereum Bridge Shut Down After Two Days

The staff behind the tBTC challenge, an effort to convey Bitcoin (BTC) over to Ethereum (ETH) by way of decentralized custodians, shut down the...
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