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SEC director who called Ethereum ‘sufficiently decentralized’ to leave agency later this year

An early voice on decentralization and crypto guidance within the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is leaving the agency. Director of the Division...

Komodo Strategically Partners and Integrates Band Protocol into Flagship Decentralized Exchange AtomixDEX | by Kevin Lu | Band Protocol | Oct, 2020

Komodo, the blockchain industry’s first open composable smart chain platform, has chosen to integrate Band Protocol for scalable price oracles into their flagship...

Binance VC arm leads $1.3M raise for decentralized streaming protocol

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is funding a major decentralized audio streaming service through its investment and incubation arm.According to an Oct. 23...

Ontology Builds on Polkadot to Accelerate Adoption Of Decentralized Identity Solution | by The Ontology Team | OntologyNetwork | Oct, 2020

We are delighted to announce that we are building on Polkadot, a sharded blockchain that seamlessly connects multiple chains together in a single network...

Coin98 Wallet Integrates Band Protocol Decentralized Price Oracle for Transparency and Security | by Kevin Lu | Band Protocol | Oct, 2020

About Coin98 WalletCoin98 Wallet is a non-custodial wallet used to store, send and receive multi-chain, multi-source digital assets. It is designed for simple...

What is Ethereum – Blockchain 101

Bitcoin has seen success as it has settled as the most popular cryptocurrency. However, others believed they could implement blockchain technology to do more,...

SkyDB: A Mutable Database for the Decentralized Web | by David Vorick | Oct, 2020

Today we are adding a new feature to Skynet called SkyDB. SkyDB is a framework that allows Skynet users to create decentralized accounts and...

Decentralized Governance in the Wild – Lessons From the KuCoin Hack

Blockchain-based networks provide a unique and unprecedented opportunity to experiment with new forms of organization – both organization of information and software processes...

51% Attacks – Blockchain 101

While double-spending and the Byzantine Generals' Problem were addressed in order to make blockchain technology viable, there is still a potential vulnerability in blockchains....

What is Cryptocurrency Mining – Blockchain 101

Now that we know a little bit about the structure of a blockchain and its components, we can explore how a blockchain is managed...

Ex-Goldman Sachs exec believes that his decentralized clearing house can rescue DeFi from oblivion

Revolution Populi has released layer one of a blockchain solution that the founding team believes could be used as a clearinghouse for crypto and...

Solana set to launch decentralized Ethereum bridge to power DeFi

Solana, the smart contract platform that recently entered the spotlight thanks to FTX’s Serum, announced the upcoming release of what it says is...

GM and Honda publish specs for decentralized electric car charging network

The Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) has launched a global standard for integrating blockchain technology into a decentralized vehicle charging network.The storage of...

P2PLoan Finance Is All Set To Offer Higher Returns With Its Newly Launched Decentralized Protocols

LONDON, United Kingdom, — P2PLoan Finance – Has successfully launched its decentralized protocols (Lend, Borrow) which also includes its very own Dapp...

Yearn Finance Connect (YFIC) New DeFi Project Decentralized Finance, Staking, Lending & Yield Farming

Yearn Finance Connect is a decentralized token under the ERC-20 protocol, that allows users to stake YFIC, borrow assets, and vote for...

Asymmetric Encryption – Blockchain 101

Asymmetric encryption is a cryptographic system that uses both public keys and private keys.Public-key encryption is when a message is encrypted with a recipient’s...

Kucoin Hack: $17M Laundered Via Decentralized Exchanges, Blockchain Analysis Firm Claims This Can Still be Traced

Elliptic says the Kucoin hacker has sold $17.1 million worth of tokens via decentralized exchanges (dex) platforms like Uniswap, Kyber Network, Tokenlon....

Venezuela trials ‘decentralized stock exchange’ that’s open to the world

Venezuela’s National Securities Superintendency has given the go-ahead for a 90-day pilot of a crypto-powered “decentralized stock exchange” in the country that aims to...

Soaring decentralized exchange volume suggests the DeFi craze is not over

Uniswap, the most widely utilized decentralized exchange on Ethereum, has seen explosive growth throughout the second quarter. In fact, less than a month ago,...

Decentralized exchange DODO raises $5 million via private token sale

Decentralized exchange DODO has raised $5 million via a private sale of its new DODO exchange token. The money was raised at a...

Binance unveils a new ‘decentralized’ stablecoin system, Venus

Crypto exchange Binance has unveiled a new “decentralized” stablecoin system called Venus. The system is built on the Binance Smart Chain and will mint...

I CHANGED MY MIND! #DEFI- Bitcoin- Yfi- Comp – KNC & BNB Binance decentralized exchange Burgerswap

Join our VIP Investor Group: *NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE* Join our Free Newsletter: Sign Up for Tradingview:🐻 Never Miss a Live Show; Subscribe &...

Properties of a Blockchain – Blockchain 101

The name blockchain largely refers to the structure of the technology. Blocks contain data that represents transactions, and when a block is created or...

Dash is evolving into a decentralized cloud cryptocurrency

Payments-focused cryptocurrency Dash is starting to release insights into its new platform, which enables data to be stored within the network in the...

Introducing StableCredit, a new protocol for decentralized lending, stablecoins, and AMMs. | by Andre Cronje | yearn.finance | Sep, 2020

First, a few primers;Stable Coins (tokenized debt)DAI is tokenized debt. You provide ETH into a Maker vault. This gives you a credit line...

Centralization vs Decentralization – Blockchain 101

Decentralized networks give users much more control over the rules and maintenance of that network. Let's explore how information is confirmed, or mined, and...

Limitations of Blockchains – Blockchain 101

While blockchains are a very intriguing technology, they still have their limitations. As blockchains are a relatively new technology, there is a lot of...

Blockchains vs Cryptocurrencies – Blockchain 101

The blockchain is the technology that serves as the distributed ledger that forms the network. This network creates a means for transacting and enables...
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