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‘No coiner’ TikTok star launches finance podcast with Bitcoin bull Pomp

A 21-year-old social media star famous for his TikTok videos is entering the crypto space, guided by Bitcoin bull Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano.Bryce Hall has...

Centralized finance is necessary, especially for DeFi crypto investors

If you’re paying attention to developments in the cryptocurrency space, you’ve likely heard of decentralized finance and of the yield farming trend that...

YF-DAI Finance | Staking / Farming / Lending… And More! 💪

In this video, we're introducing YFDAI token and also the project direction in the upcoming months with various product releases for the DeFi space.→...

Uquid Launch the Defi Shopping Stake (DSS) and Defito Finance (DTO)

The trouble with many current DeFi projects is that while they eliminate traditional institutions from the mix, they instead transfer ultimate control...

Beijing sees digital currencies as ‘new battlefield’ in global finance

The People’s Bank of China is placing a strong emphasis on the geopolitical stakes of the country’s central bank digital currency development.An article...

Elastic Finance – Lending. Ample: A Non-Dilutive Asset That… | by Brandon Iles | Ampleforth Blog | Sep, 2020

Ample: A Non-Dilutive Asset That Borrows Like A StablecoinThe Ampleforth Roadmap recently described AMPL as a monetary innovation and building block for the...

Yam Finance readies for less-disastrous relaunch

Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Yam Finance is relaunching on September 18.Yam Finance V2, a fork of Compound (COMP) featuring a native token with...

Russia’s largest bank joins blockchain trade finance platform

A subsidiary of Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, has joined a blockchain-based platform for commodity trade finance.Sberbank Switzerland AG has signed an agreement with Swiss...

How to navigate crypto’s new finance wave

In 2020, as a result of the economic crisis caused by the spread of COVID-19, the world financial system is facing an increasing number...

Digital Assets Data CEO says mainstream finance still doesn’t trust Bitcoin

Following the news of Fidelity Investments' Bitcoin (BTC) fund filing, Mike Alfred, CEO of analytics outfit Digital Assets Data, described continued hesitancy in mainstream...

SushiSwap Price Prediction 2020 & Analysis ($SUSHI Coin Crypto Review + Explained)

✅➥Buy SushiSwap Crypto On Binance Here: 👉GET My Technical Analysis Course HERE: 👉Follow Me On Twitter:For Business Enquiries: [email protected]#sushiswap #sushiswappriceprediction #sushiswapcoinreview #sushiswapcryptotokenAlthough this...

How to Register An Account on Cyano Wallet | by The Ontology Team | Wing Finance | Sep, 2020

Step 1. Install Cyano WalletIf you haven’t installed the Cyano Wallet Chrome extension, click here to go to Chrome Web Store and install the...

DeFi protocol Linear Finance raises $1.8 million to launch cross-chain synthetic asset exchange

Linear Finance, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol based in Hong Kong, has raised $1.8 million to build and launch synthetic asset exchange. The financing...

How to Register an Account on ONTO Wallet | by The Ontology Team | Wing Finance | Sep, 2020

Step 1. Download and Install ONTOGo to https://ont.app and scroll down to the bottom for download options.iOS UsersIf your Apple ID is registered outside...

Yearn Finance Vault Users Lock $139M: Farmers Claim Collateralized ETH Gathers 90% APY

On September 3, 2020, the well known Yearn Finance defi project “paused” the popular ethereum liquidity vault (yETH) service, after locking in...

A Simple Guide on How to Use Bitcoin at an Online Casino

By themselves, cryptocurrency and online gambling represent two of the world’s largest growth markets, and it should come as no surprise that...

Defi Project Yearn Finance Smashes Records as Native Token Surpasses $30K

The decentralized finance (defi) crypto asset tied to the Yearn Finance project has smashed records this week, as the coin touched a high...

Polkadot Crypto Review + Price Prediction 2020 & Analysis ($DOT Coin Explained)

✅➥Buy Polkadot Crypto Coin On Binance Here: 👉GET My Technical Analysis Course HERE: 👉Follow Me On Twitter:For Business Enquiries: [email protected]#polkadotcrypto #polkadotreview #polkadotcoinreviewAlthough this...

Delegated Funding DAO Vaults. Decentralized Finance requires… | by Andre Cronje | yearn.finance | Aug, 2020

Decentralized Finance requires decentralized funding. There have been a lot of models and experiments around this. We have seen the ICO, IEO, and...

What’s the Deal With Yam Finance?

There are some decentralized finance projects that make flash loans; Yam Finance (YAM) was a DeFi project that made a flash appearance.YAM, which initially...

Yearn Finance Token Jumps 270% in 5 Days – Defi Token YFI Worth More Than a Single Bitcoin

Decentralized finance (defi) continues to make waves this week, as the Yearn Finance project token (YFI) jumped over 270% during the last five...

Is TSLA Stock Overbought? (Tesla Stock Analysis)

tsla stock analysis & review after bullish move. Prediction of tesla company future forecast. 👉GET My Technical Analysis Course HERE: 👉Follow Me On Twitter:✅➥Buy...

REN Crypto Coin Price Prediction 2020 & Analysis (REN Protocol Review + Explained)

✅➥Buy REN Crypto On Binance Here: 👉GET My Technical Analysis Course HERE: 👉Follow Me On Twitter:For Business Enquiries: [email protected]#rencrypto #rencryptocoin #renprotocolAlthough this...

The Importance of Developing the Decentralized Finance Space

The rapid growth of the decentralized finance space, the rise in demand, the improvement of its protocols, and the breadth of offered services and...

Defi Project Yam Finance Sees Over $500M Locked in 24 Hours, Devs Reveal Contract Bug

A new yield farming project is all the rage this week, as the Yam Finance project saw over $460 million dollars locked...

Defi’s Rise Is Inevitable, and Fusion Is Driving This Evolution of Standard Finance

4 billion {dollars}That is the entire quantity of funds locked in “Defi”, rising from simply one billion USD in 6 weeks. “Defi” has...

Why Bitcoin Playing is Standard in Crypto Communities

If you regularly frequent online casinos and are familiar with sites such as www.bestcasinosites.net, you know that Bitcoin gambling is becoming increasingly...

An Avalanche of Innovation, Ava Labs Needs to Sweep up DeFi and Conventional Finance

Key Takeaways Ava Labs just lately raised $42.5 million to proceed constructing out their suite of blockchain merchandise. Much less an "Ethereum Killer," Ava is...

As DeFi Booms, Yearn Finance (YFI) Shifts 100% of Token Provide to Customers

As Decentralized Finance protocols proceed to develop on all fronts, their infrastructure grows alongside them. Whereas the overall worth of USD locked in DeFi just...

How Decentralized Finance Grew to become Ethereum’s Prime Canine

Tasks like MakerDAO, Compound, dYdX and Dharma realized in 2018 they have been a definite group with shared pursuits throughout the cryptocurrency trade.Finance...
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