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Kyle Chassé joins Hathor as strategic advisor – Hathor Network

We are pleased to announce Kyle Chassé as our new strategic advisor.He is joining our Advisory Board in order to increase community growth,...

Getting WisBlock by RAKwireless Up and Running on The People’s Network | by Travis L. Teague | Oct, 2020

This past week, I received a DHL package in the mail from RAKwireless containing the new WisBlock Premium Developer Kit. I was lucky...

Celsius Network founder gifts wife 15 million CEL tokens

The founder of the crypto payments network Celsius has gifted his wife a large portion of the token supply, reducing his own enormous...

ETC Labs Expands its ETC Core Development Team to Enhance Network Security | by Ethereum Classic Labs | Ethereum Classic Labs | Oct, 2020

In light of the recent attacks on Ethereum Classic, stated in the ETC Network Security Plan, we have made a promise to do...

PayPal Doesn’t Bring Users To The Bitcoin Network – Bitcoin Magazine

News broke on the morning of October 21 2020, that PayPal would grant its users the ability to purchase, sell and hold bitcoin within...

Using the BLV Rewards Estimation Calculator | by Dan Jensen | Bellevue Network | Oct, 2020

Given that the BLV rewards aggregate daily, and with many variables such as price increase, days staked, streaks and negative price days, trying...

Ethereum Classic Labs Announces Chasing the GHOST: Network Security Hackathon, Nov 2, 2020 — Jan 11, 2021 | by Ethereum Classic Labs | Ethereum...

Building Upon the Successful Implementation of MESS and Engaging Gitcoin Developers to Improve Detection, Analytics, and Deterrence of 51% AttacksOn October 10, Ethereum...

R3’s public Corda Network gets its first token ‘XDC’ for DeFi and CBDC projects

Cordite Society, a co-operative society registered in the U.K., has launched "XDC" — the first token built on R3's public Corda Network. XDC is...

Why it Pays to Be Patient And Hodl BLV | by Dan Jensen | Bellevue Network | Oct, 2020

As we know, the defi market is extremely volatile, sometimes it feels as though it’s only for the true battle hardened crypto investors....

Ethereum Classic Labs Announces Chasing the GHOST: Network Security Hackathon, Nov 2, 2020 — Jan 11, 2021 | by Ethereum Classic Labs | Ethereum...

Engaging Gitcoin Developers to Focus on Advancements in Detection, Analytics, and Deterrence to Prevent 51% AttacksIn August of 2020, Ethereum Classic experienced three...

DEXE NETWORK | DeFi Social Trading ♺

In this video, we're looking at an overview of Dexe network and their trading product for the defi space and those involved into cryptocurrency...

Fetch.ai and Conflux Network Partner to Enable Global Commerce Powered by AI | by Fetch.ai | Fetch.ai | Oct, 2020

Partnership paves the way for adoption of AI and cross chain interoperability among blockchain-based systemsTORONTO — OCTOBER 15, 2020 — Fetch.ai, a Cambridge-based...

NOWI is using The People’s Network to Stop Leaks and Water Waste | by Helium | Oct, 2020

When Patrons Lead to PartnersPatrons are members of the Helium Network that have deployed over 15 Helium Hotspots to build widespread coverage in...

Nano Digest — Network upgrade, WeNano, Partnerships, Team updates, and much more! | by Andy Johnson | Nano | Oct, 2020

In this month's digest, we celebrate the expansion of the Nano Foundation Advisory board with the addition of Deepa Mardolka and our new membership...

Crust Network

Crust Network implements a decentralized cloud blockchain based on Polkadot.Source link

The BLV Staking Guide. This is a staking guide for BLV token… | by Dan Jensen | Bellevue Network | Oct, 2020

This is a staking guide for BLV token. I will attempt to make it as thorough as possible, and will keep it up...

Aztec unveils Ethereum Layer 2 network that uses zkSNARKs for both privacy and scalability

Aztec, an Ethereum startup that was initially focused on using zero-knowledge proofs to make transactions private, has unveiled a new Layer 2 platform...

Ethereum miners made 450K ETH from high network fees during DeFi peak

Ether (ETH) miner revenue skyrocketed during the month of September according to data from glassnode, an onchain analytics resource. While the price of Ether...

The Graph is implementing state channels technology on its Ethereum-based network

Indexing protocol The Graph is deploying scalable generalized state channels on its Ethereum-based network, the San Francisco-based startup announced Friday.  The development will enable...

Tether has blacklisted 100 addresses on Ethereum, network data shows

The number of blacklisted Tether addresses on the Ethereum network has reached 100, according to new findings from The Block Research.  Eighty-four of the...

GM and Honda publish specs for decentralized electric car charging network

The Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) has launched a global standard for integrating blockchain technology into a decentralized vehicle charging network.The storage of...

BELLEVUE NETWORK (BLV) Price-ReactiveCrypto With Governance 🔥

In this video, we're looking at BLV and how its positioned for the next weeks and months.→ Follow me on 👉Twitter: 👉Instagram: 🚀...

ETH Volumes Top $119.5 Billion in Q3: High-Risk Dapps Dominate Tron Network

A recent report says total Dapps transaction volumes reached $125 Billion in Q3 2020, a figure which is $113 billion higher than...

LYNC.Network AMA Recap with Facemelter | by LYNC Network | Oct, 2020

AMA Facemelter x LYNC NETWORKJessy_LYNC:No problem. My name is Jessy and I am leading the marketing of LYNC.Network project. Let me give you...

Helium State Channels. The People’s Network received a major… | by Dal Gemmell | Oct, 2020

A blockchain uses every node on the network to verify on chain transactions. This core capability secures ledger integrity, and attempts to establish...

Smart Contract Protocol RSK Attempts to Bring Defi to the Bitcoin Network

During the last year, Ethereum has dominated the decentralized finance (defi) ecosystem but a number of other blockchain projects plan to join...

Dash adjusts block reward percentage to improve the economics of its network

Dash Core Group, the entity responsible for developing the privacy-focused coin DASH, publicized fresh changes to the asset's proof-of-stake network on Sept. 30. "Dash...

The People’s Network Enables Important Medical Innovations from Charged Concepts | by Helium | Sep, 2020

Making the Impossible Possible with a New Wireless Economy Powered by the People.From the start, Helium’s vision has been to build a decentralized...

Dear DeXe Network community, we are pleased to declare the successful completion of the 2nd round… | by Dexe.network | Sep, 2020

Dear DeXe Network community, we are pleased to declare the successful completion of the 2nd round and the beginning of the 3rd.The second...
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