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wOntology Monthly Report — October 2020 | by The Ontology Team | OntologyNetwork | Oct, 2020

MainNet Optimization- Ontology GraphQL testing completed- 30% of Wasm-NeoVm cross-protocol debugging tool update completedProduct DevelopmentONTO- ONTO v3.5.0, v3.5.3 and v3.5.5 launched- Completed integration of...

The New Direction of Blockchain Development: Measuring Off-chain Assets | by Qtum | Oct, 2020

Hello everyone, I am Patrick Dai, the founder of Qtum. The topic of my speech today is “The New Direction of Blockchain Development:...

ICON Monthly Grant Recap — October 2020 | by ICON Foundation | Hello ICON World | Oct, 2020

Community Building, Project Nebula, and Cross-Chain DeFiGreetings ICONists,The Foundation approved another 3 grants in October consisting of community building/marketing, a (familiar) DApp, and a...

Release Announcement: Dash Platform v0.16 on Evonet | by Dana Alibrandi | Oct, 2020

Dash Core Group is pleased to announce the release of Dash Platform v0.16. This is the 5th release in our defined release process,...

Building Wakio — a hackathon experience | by Sia Tech | Oct, 2020

Note from the Sia/Skynet team: Wakio is an incredible app that showed us how a smooth user experience could be brought to the world...

On the difficulty of drawing proofs on byzantine consensus | by Vitor Nazário Coelho | Neo Smart Economy | Oct, 2020

Formal mathematical proofs on Byzantine inspired consensus dates back 1982 (“The Byzantine Generals Problem”, Lamport, Shostak & Pease). Insights directly applied to distributed...

MoneyDance Recap: Day 4 with Genesis, Securitize, Brave, Lightning Labs, and More | by Patrick Sutton | Ava Labs | Oct, 2020

On Wednesday, October 21, Avalanche hosted the fourth day of the MoneyDance Summit, featuring experts across both decentralized and institutional finance.As before, we’ve...

The curious case of Harvest Finance, Oct. 21-28

We were graced with one more typical “degen yield farm” popping in and out of relevance this week.Harvest Finance collected as much as $1...

Atención humana contra la inflación | by Nevin Freeman | Reserve Currency | Oct, 2020

Por: Sin nombre, Director de Reserve LATAM, y Nevin Freeman, CEOPrimero, somos humanos y, luego, un producto financiero.La hiperinflación genera crisis humanitarias como...

Gangnam Testnet Opens (ICON 2.0). Java SCORE Guidelines | by ICON Foundation | Hello ICON World | Oct, 2020

Java SCORE GuidelinesGreeting ICONists,We are excited to announce the launch of the Gangnam testnet and the guidelines below.Gangnam testnet is powered by Goloop (ICON...

TomoChain Acquires Lition’s Enterprise Blockchain Unit | by Lition | Lition Blockchain | Oct, 2020

Today is a momentous day for both TomoChain and Lition. We are proud to announce that Singapore-based TomoChain Pte. Ltd., developer of the...

Getting WisBlock by RAKwireless Up and Running on The People’s Network | by Travis L. Teague | Oct, 2020

This past week, I received a DHL package in the mail from RAKwireless containing the new WisBlock Premium Developer Kit. I was lucky...

Avalanche Partners with Encode Hack Club for a 10-Week Hackathon for Academia | by Jay Kurahashi-Sofue | Ava Labs | Oct, 2020

“Developers, developers, developers!” Most notably chanted by the former CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer, we’re in agreement with him. He was right. Without...

Ontology Weekly Report (October 20–27) | by The Ontology Team | OntologyNetwork | Oct, 2020

Back-end- Completed 20% of Wasm-NeoVm cross-protocol debugging tool updateProduct DevelopmentONTO- The ONTO team launched a giveaway on @ONTODataWallet’s Twitter account. To enter, users can...


This September edition of our monthly report provides details WIN current APR, drop amounts and our buyback and burn. We will also cover...

Singularity Studio and Hanson Robotics Launch New Healthcare Robotics Venture, Awakening Health | by Ben Goertzel | Oct, 2020

SingularityNET’s relationship with Hong Kong robotics firm Hanson Robotics goes way back — true SNET old-timers will remember that the public launch of...

Ontology Takes Centre Stage at Blockchain Expo Tokyo | by The Ontology Team | OntologyNetwork | Oct, 2020

Following the launch of our highly anticipated bespoke automotive solution and our recent partnership with global financial and mobility services provider, Daimler Mobility, Morio...

How to get on DCRDEX MVP. Supplemental guide to the developers’… | by Richard Red | Decred | Oct, 2020

With the recent initial MVP release of DCRDEX, there are some people who would like to use it and are finding it difficult....

Announcing Incentivized Liquidity Mining on Loopring’s L2 DEX | by Will Brealey | PieDAO | Oct, 2020

Update from the bakery:You can now liquidity mine our DeFi indices and governance token DOUGH on Loopring.io. We’re incentivizing all three pairs, so...

Optimizing Payment Channels to Achieve CDN Latencies | by Chris Schinnerl | Oct, 2020

A bit over a month ago we released a blogpost about a protocol optimization we call Skyrocket. If you haven’t already you should check...

IOTA Joins Project Funded by Japanese National R&D agency NEDO to Build AI and DLT-based Predictive Maintenance System | by IOTA Foundation | Oct, 2020

We’re proud to announce that the IOTA Foundation has partnered on a project initiated by Best Materia and IMC, Japanese maintenance-related companies, and...

Halborn Gives Avalanche Wallet Stamp of Approval After Extensive Security Testing | by Ava Labs | Ava Labs | Oct, 2020

Halborn, a cybersecurity team focused on blockchains, completed an extensive security audit and penetration testing of the Avalanche Wallet. Testing spanned just over...

Ankr and UniLend to power broad DeFi use cases | by Ankr | Ankr | Oct, 2020

Hot on the heels of our recent announcements about powering various DeFi platforms, we are pleased to announce yet another emerging DeFi project...

Komodo Strategically Partners and Integrates Band Protocol into Flagship Decentralized Exchange AtomixDEX | by Kevin Lu | Band Protocol | Oct, 2020

Komodo, the blockchain industry’s first open composable smart chain platform, has chosen to integrate Band Protocol for scalable price oracles into their flagship...

Stellar Dev Digest: Issue #65. Protocol 14 is now 15, Meridian… | by Kolten | Stellar Community | Oct, 2020

Reminder: The final Stellar testnet reset of the year is scheduled for 10/28/20 at 0900 UTC — that’s this week! Here’s some best...

Bloq Launches Support for Managed Avalanche Nodes | by Ava Labs | Ava Labs | Oct, 2020

Avalanche is the latest blockchain protocol to integrate with Bloq, enabling users to launch fully-managed, enterprise-ready Avalanche node clusters in just minutes. Users...

ETC Labs Expands its ETC Core Development Team to Enhance Network Security | by Ethereum Classic Labs | Ethereum Classic Labs | Oct, 2020

In light of the recent attacks on Ethereum Classic, stated in the ETC Network Security Plan, we have made a promise to do...

Proof-of-Coverage and Consensus Group Improvements: Call for Discussion | by Abhay Kumar | Oct, 2020

The People’s Network is the fastest-growing wireless network and it’s thanks to the Helium community. In the past few months, we’ve seen significant...

v0.16 Migration Report — Week 3. Dash Core v0.16.0.1 was released on… | by Pasta | Oct, 2020

Dash Core v0.16.0.1 was released on Wednesday, September 30th, the first release of v0.16.x.Please see the updated product brief to learn about the...

PieDAO Community Blog Oct 23rd. Doughmocracy | by Will Brealey | PieDAO | Oct, 2020

Oven is our attempt to reduce the friction to minting new pies by lowering the gas cost. With Oven users can pool their...
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