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WhiteBIT Exchange Lists AurusGOLD — New AWG:USD Trading Pair Available | by Aurus | Aurus Blog | Sep, 2020

About AurusGOLD (AWG)Aurus is an inclusive ecosystem that the entire traditional gold industry can benefit from. The company’s open-end protocol enables esteemed gold...

Carving our Way to a Brighter Future: The State of NBX Now and Future Plans | by NBX Editorial | Norwegian Block Exchange |...

It’s been a wild year so far.First, and foremost, there’s the question that’s on the tip of many of your tongues: what were...

What is Tokenization?: The Case for Tokenized Metals | by NBX Editorial | Norwegian Block Exchange | Sep, 2020

DeFi continues to explode in popularity, driving most of crypto’s growth, but what some investors don’t realize is that it’s merely a continuation...

How to Value Bitcoin Today. Since its launch in 2009, Bitcoin has… | by NBX Editorial | Norwegian Block Exchange | Sep, 2020

Since its launch in 2009, Bitcoin has continued to thrill and confuse the global financial markets.From the outset, the initial case for its...

An updated list of artists + event organizers who have used GET Protocol over the years | by Olivier Biggs | GET Protocol |...

FeedbackAs always, if you have comments, questions or suggestions, please drop in to our active Telegram channel, and be sure to follow us...

ICON Development Roadmap Update — September 2020 | by ICON Foundation | Hello ICON World | Sep, 2020

ICON 2.0 Timeline and Gangnam TestnetGreetings ICONists,This month was highlighted by the announcement of our new and improved blockchain, ICON 2.0: BATANG. For the...

Release Announcement: Dash Core v0.16 on Mainnet | by Pasta | Sep, 2020

Dash Core Group is pleased to share that Dash Core v0.16.0.1 binaries are released and ready for deployment on mainnet by node operators....

The People’s Network Enables Important Medical Innovations from Charged Concepts | by Helium | Sep, 2020

Making the Impossible Possible with a New Wireless Economy Powered by the People.From the start, Helium’s vision has been to build a decentralized...

Build Your Own Financial World with Y FOX FINANCE | by Y FOX FINANCE | Sep, 2020

Y FOX is an open-source Decentralized protocol which enables you to easily access FOX DUAL STAKING, FARMING, GOVERNANCE VOTE, LENDING and BORROWING DeFi...

A New Dawn: The Lition Mainnet has Arrived | by Lition | Lition Blockchain | Sep, 2020

Announcing the launch of the Lition Energy Mainnet and Sidechain Protocol.The long-awaited moment has arrived.We are proud to announce that today we officially...

YFOS — Ropes. “Roping-A-Bull” | by YFOS Finance | YFOSFinance | Sep, 2020

“Roping-A-Bull”The Rope (a.k.a Stake) function is earning rewards by depositing some particular tokens. The rewards was quantified from the very beginning and the...

SingularityNET collaborates with IOHK to Explore Cardano/AGI Synergies | by Ibby Benali | Sep, 2020

SingularityNET is extremely excited to announce our collaboration with IOHK, a company led by Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson and driving forward the engineering...

On Governance, safety and controlled removal of unwanted, centralised power | by Toby Simpson | Fetch.ai | Sep, 2020

Fetch.ai decentralises the active parts of the economy: autonomous economic agents representing data, hardware, people, devices and more all co-operating to solve problems...

GET update September ’20 — Non Fungible Tickets | by Olivier Biggs | GET Protocol | Sep, 2020

To the best of our knowledge we have never been accused of having too little information in our blogs, and we don’t expect...

The Desert of the Real — Introducing getNFT Tickets | by Kasper Keunen | GET Protocol | Sep, 2020

Before we can properly discuss how the GET Protocol tokenizes the ticket asset, we need a proper definition of a ticket.A ticket can...

Introducing IOTA Access. IOTA Foundation along with initial… | by IOTA Foundation | Sep, 2020

IOTA Foundation along with initial launch partners, Jaguar Land Rover, STMicroelectronics, EDAG, RIDDLE&CODE, NTT DATA Romania, ETO GRUPPE and BiiLabs, announces global, open-source...

Statement following KuCoin hack. Following the events of the KuCoin… | by Fetch.ai | Fetch.ai | Sep, 2020

Following the events of the KuCoin exchange hack at the weekend, we are watching developments carefully and are considering our options with regards...

AidCoin is launching a new branded division for growth hacking marketing: ImpactOn | by AidCoin | AIDCOIN | Sep, 2020

Blockchain technology is rapidly gaining momentum. But while more and more economic sectors leverage it to enhance efficiency, transparency and trust, the charity...

Technical Update: Roadmap Deliverables | by AMB Marketing | Sep, 2020

Dear Ambrosus community and masternode operators,The Ambrosus team is excited to announce another sequence of technical updates on the Ambrosus Network. Today, the...

Dear DeXe Network community, we are pleased to declare the successful completion of the 2nd round… | by Dexe.network | Sep, 2020

Dear DeXe Network community, we are pleased to declare the successful completion of the 2nd round and the beginning of the 3rd.The second...

Details of YFOS Smart Contracts. Token contract | by YFOS Finance | YFOSFinance | Sep, 2020

▫️ Website: https://yfos.finance▫️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/yfosfinance▫️ Telegram Channel: https://t.me/yfoschannel▫️ Telegram Group: https://t.me/yfosfinance▫️ Medium: https://medium.com/yfosfinance▫️ Discord: https://discord.gg/KWgfgTa▫️ Github: https://github.com/yfosproject▫️ Email: [email protected] link

Ankr and StaFi Collaboration Announcement | by Ankr | Ankr | Sep, 2020

On 28th Sept, we reached an agreement of cooperation with StaFi Protocol, a DeFi staking liquidity provider in the Polkadot ecosystem.We will provide...

Countdown to Stkr. A brief historical recap | by Ankr | Ankr | Sep, 2020

A brief historical recapA few weeks ago we announced Stkr — an exciting new platform, driven by the Ankr token, to facilitate not...

Ontology Monthly Report — September 2020 | by The Ontology Team | OntologyNetwork | Sep, 2020

Development ProgressMainNet Optimization - Ontology v2.1.1 Alpha released- Ontology GraphQL interface development completed- Rust Wasm contract development hub released ontio-std v0.4Product DevelopmentONTO - ONTO...

Bytom CEO Langyu: DeFi-Educating users to truly understand the blockchain, it has great significance. | by BYTOM BLOCKCHAIN | Sep, 2020

The “POW’ER 2020 DEFI Innovator Conference”, hosted by Mars Blockchain and co-hosted by TRON, was held in Shenzhen on 29th Sep.The topics of...

Bytom CEO Langyu: DeFi-Educating users to truly understand the blockchain, it has great significance. | by BYTOM BLOCKCHAIN | Bytom | Sep, 2020

The “POW’ER 2020 DEFI Innovator Conference”, hosted by Mars Blockchain and co-hosted by TRON, was held in Shenzhen on 29th Sep.The topics of...

Ontology Monthly Report — September 2020(Japanese) | by The Ontology Team | Ontology JP | Sep, 2020

「信用」を再定義する、高性能なパブリックブロックチェーン + 分散型信用コラボレーションプラットフォーム Ontology(オントロジー)の日本語公式Mediumです。https://ont.io/ | LINE公式アカウント:http://lin.ee/f3z5eAm Source link

WHAT IS HEAVENS GATE FINANCE?. HEAVENSGATE is the end of everything… | by heavensgate.finance | Sep, 2020

HEAVENSGATE is the end of everything and the beginning of nothing.$HATE is an airdropped ERC-20 token shared among only the true believers. Congratulations...

Upcoming Smart Contract Upgrade to Restore Legacy TUSD Support | by TrustToken | Sep, 2020

We’ll be restoring legacy TUSD support by smart contract upgrade shortly. Your TUSD holdings will not be affected.Summary: On Sept 16th, 2020, TrustToken...

ZeroVerse 2.0.0. ZeroVerse 2.0.0 — Now Available | by Zero Currency | Zerocurrency | Sep, 2020

ZeroVerse 2.0.0 — Now Available-Updated back-end to Zero wallet-light-cli-Enabled multi-chain wallets, Zero, Snowgem, Arrow, Pirate-Added memo support for all coins -Added transaction detail...
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