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Dev update for the week of Feb 22nd | by Sia Tech | Mar, 2021

Sia v1.5.5 is out! This release includes new download code that improve throughput and consistency, as well as the usual bug fixes and minor...

Akropolis Update: ADEL>AKRO Voluntary Swap is live | by Akropolis | Akropolis | Mar, 2021

Hello everyone, we are happy to share the long-awaited details of ADEL>AKRO voluntary swap!Outlined below is a brief recap of the rationale behind...

February 2021 Community Update. 👋 Hey Terrans! | by Sarah Kim | Terra Money | Mar, 2021

This month marks a number of notable milestones for Terra across the board: LUNA reaches $1B in market cap to then break through...

GLM Rewards Program February Update

Another month comes to...

ICF Update — March 1st. Developer Adoption Working Group… | by Interchain Foundation | Mar, 2021

B9Lab began a developer adoption working group, bringing together team members from Tendermint Team, Interchain GmbH, Informal, Regen, and Confio to discuss better...

Band Protocol February 2021 Community Update | by Kevin Lu | Band Protocol | Mar, 2021

Dear Band Community,The second month of the year proved to be one of Band Protocol’s strongest in terms of adoption as well as...

BANANO Monthly Update #34 (February 2021) | by Banano | Banano | Feb, 2021

Note: Those Monthly Updates normally come early in the month, this month (again) was just too much stuff ongoing somehow so it’s coming...

ICON Development Roadmap Update — February 2021 | by ICON Foundation | Hello ICON World | Feb, 2021

Rosetta Implementation, Hotfix, Testnet, and CPS LaunchGreetings ICONists,It was another busy month as the team continues to push forward with ICON 2.0 migration and...

cryptomonKeys Update #14: monKeymining — Earn NFTs by Playing the Game Alien Worlds | by Banano | Banano | Feb, 2021

Every time you mine you will receive Trillium (TLM, the in game currency) and have a chance of AlienWorlds NFTs. If you mine...

Aventus Update — 26th February, 2021 | by Aventus Network | Feb, 2021

Every two weeks on a Friday, you can expect an Aventus Update.These updates are designed to keep you informed on what’s going on...

GET Update February ’21 — It’s about time!

GET Update February ’21 —It’s about time!NFT Ticket minting, increased trading action, new hires and much more.It’s blog time! This was a short, four-week-exactly month,...

Atlant — Development Update. Over the past several months our… | by ATLANT Platform | Feb, 2021

Over the past several months our business development team has mainly focused on getting regulatory approvals in various jurisdictions for Uvas.com, a digital...

Dev update for the weeks of Feb 8th and 15th | by Sia Tech | Feb, 2021

We’re going to try something new this week and move our dev updates into Medium. They’re getting quite long, and scrolling through a novel...

ANU #82 — New Verification 2.0 and AppCoins Burn Update | by AppCoins Official | Feb, 2021

5. If the payment details don’t pop up shortly after your transaction, don’t worry, you can always get back to the Verification Code...

Free BANANO NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #13: Month 5 Recap | by Banano | Banano | Feb, 2021

BANANO is a DAG-based cryptocurrency with easy-to-use apps, distributed entirely for free through airdrops, faucets, and games. All happening in a fun, community-driven,...

Collective Learning — Update with Code release | by Fetch.ai | Fetch.ai | Feb, 2021

The collective learning protocol allows learners to collaborate on training a model without requiring trust between the participants. Learners vote on updates to...

XDB Liquidity Program Update. To celebrate the recent unveiling of… | by Rajiv Naidoo | DigitalBitsOrg | Feb, 2021

DigitalBits Community!Based on the overwhelming success of the XDB Liquidity Reward Program on Uniswap, and to celebrate the recent unveiling of the DigitalBits...

UMA Developer Mining Update. tl;dr -While we don’t encourage pure… | by Clayton Roche | UMA Project | Feb, 2021

tl;dr —While we don’t encourage pure copycats, whitelisting for rewards will not evaluate product originality.When we announced Developer Mining months ago, we did...

cryptomonKeys Update #12: Alien Worlds x cryptomonKeys collab: New Cards are Here! | by Banano | Banano | Feb, 2021

No matter if you’re new to Alien Worlds or cryptomonKeys or not, you can find all information and help to get started with...

cryptomonKeys Update #11: Earn NFTs by Playing Alien Worlds (NFT Mining+Staking)! | by Banano | Banano | Feb, 2021

Every time you mine you will receive Trillium (TLM, the in game currency) and have a chance on AlienWorlds NFTs. If you mine...

0x Ecosystem Update, January 2021 | by Craig Bovis | Feb, 2021

Happy new year and welcome to the January 2021 ecosystem update! 🥳 Each month we share highlights, network insights, trading trends, and news...

Dev Status Update – February, 2021

Published by the IOTA dev team every month, this update will provide you with news and updates about our key projects! Please click...

ICF Update — Feb 11th. EthDenver Interoperability Panel… | by Interchain Foundation | Feb, 2021

February 2nd, Billy Rennekamp, Grants Manager at the ICF, joined host Ryan Selkis from Messari at an EthDenver panel to discuss interoperability with...


A month ago we announced an RFC&C for the THEMIS protocol which is meant to progressively decentralize the Brave/BAT Ads infrastructure, while providing...

cryptomonKeys Update #10: Earn NFTs by Playing Alien Worlds (NFT Mining+Staking)! | by Banano | Banano | Feb, 2021

Every time you mine you will receive Trillium (TLM, the in game currency) and have a chance on AlienWorlds NFTs. If you mine...

IOTA Newsletter #29 – Strategic Agreement with South Korean OBSR, Standardization update, Pollen v.0.3.5 & more.

IOTA Foundation signs strategic agreement with South Korean OBSR Foundation and TanglehubIOTA Foundation has signed a strategic agreement with the South Korean Observer...

January 2021 Community Update. 👋 Hey Terrans! | by Sarah Kim | Terra Money | Feb, 2021

It’s been a great start to 2021 here at Terra, with a $25M fundraising round backed by Galaxy Digital, Pantera Capital, Coinbase Ventures,...

GLM Rewards Program January Update!

We’ve jumped straight into...

ADAMANT Messenger v2.9.0 update. We’ve taken one more step to Tor users… | by ADAMANT Messenger | adamant.im | Feb, 2021

We’ve taken one more step to Tor users, and after we provided onion-versions of Free tokens and Buy tokens pages, we powered Tor...

Band Protocol January 2021 Community Update | by Kevin Lu | Band Protocol | Feb, 2021

Across the board, minor fixes have been deployed to amend typos and glitches including historical oracle status and validator report status.Although January was...
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